Perth Branding Photographer - Finding your Zest+Zing

Nutritionist Amanda Ford, from Sydney's Dee Why's Zest+Zing, had a problem.  Her new clients thought the stock image of a woman on the front page of her website was actually her, until they met Amanda face to face.  Both blonde, both attractive but clearly not the same person.

In fact, none of the images on Zest+Zing's website reflected the true vibrant energy of Zest+Zing's Founder, Amanda.  Like many companies, it seem too easy to just buy a few online images instead of using your own.   The truth is, if you don't  believe it then others won't either.

My solution is the Branding Your Business Package.  This gives clients a library of authentic images that are created at my Studio and on location i.e. at a nearby beach etc. If you sell products, then bring them with you. Amanda brought props - lots of delicious fruit and vegetables, hand made almond milks and smoothies (via her Thermomix) which tasted so much better than those commercial nut milks (I tried to eat half of the props at the end of the shoot). 

We created some amazingly beautiful authentic images of both Amanda and her business - to show people who she is, what Zest+Zing is about and how she can solve your health issues.  

If you are having problems with your health such as digestive problems, fatigue, stress/anxiety, immune function or just feel you need a detox or lose some weight (and keep it off)  then Amanda is experienced in treating all of these problems.  She can even assist you with hormonal imbalances.  Do something for yourself and take charge of your health today.  Without your health, life can feel like a really hard place to be.  Call Amanda on 0410 799 449 to find out how you can find your Zest+Zing.

If you would like to market your business with your own authentic images, then call us on 0434549372.

Love and Light

Jane Earle Photography

Northern Beaches, Sydney

Professional Headshots Perth and why you need one

First impressions count. 

In our digital world, the Business Portrait or Corporate Headshot is the new firm handshake.  

Your image used as part of your online presence is hugely important.  Photos express more about you than words ever can.

A great business portrait of you on your website, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page will emotionally connect potential clients to you, before you have even spoken.

This is why you need a professional photo that captures your story and your brand.

If you book your Business Portrait/Headshot session with Jane Earle Photography before November 1st 2014, you will also receive a complimentary  promotional slideshow for your business.