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So, I received the heart breaker phone call.  It's the one every Pet Photographer listens to with a heavy heart but also embraces as it's what makes our work so important.

Yvette Capiron is a Pet Groomer who owns Yvette's Pet Grooming, located in Sydney's beautiful Avalon Beach.  She loves her dog Guinness to the moon and back, of which there is no doubt. The heartbreaking bit is that he's at the end of his earthly life.  

Yvette wanted Guinness professionally photographed and it needed to be done sooner, rather than later.  So, I photographed him with his little friend Harry.  I also persuaded her to have a few shots with Guinness.  I understand that her future self will thank her for it.

We made a slideshow and created some beautiful memories of Guinness.

Yvette holds a deep connection to her pets and indeed animals in general including those of her clients.  If I was searching for a pet groomer, then I would choose Yvette's Pet Grooming.  Her love, connection and understanding of animals is very strong - very down to earth. She even visited my studio with Guinness and Harry first to make sure they were comfortable there before booking me.  I loved that.  It is exactly what I would do too.

So, as I type this, Guinness is still with us but I know the inevitable will happen.  I'm glad Yvette chose me to photograph her precious dogs, and to be the one who created the images that will connect her to Guinness for the rest of her life.  It's the real reason why I'm a Photographer.

You can contact Yvette Capiron to find out more information on her pet grooming services on 9918 7637 or visit her website to make a booking.

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Pet Photography Perth

Pets are often our closest of companions.  They don't judge us or fail to love us any less because of something we've said or done.  Your pet can sense your energy - for example they know when you're upset.  They'll sense it and often sit by your side.   

Here' a short slideshow with some pets I first photographed in 1983 with my first camera and much more recent ones too.  I look at those old images today and immediately remember their personalities. 

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Perth Pet Photographer - Sally needs a home

I love animals.  I have been photographing them for 33 years, although they can challenge you at times.  You definitely need a special kind of patience when you're behind the camera.  So, when I received a request from Sydney Animal Second-Chance Inc to photograph one of their foster dogs in order to assist finding her a home, I couldn't say no.  

Meet Sally.  She has to be one of the easiest dogs to photograph...ever.  She was calm, quiet and friendly.  Sally has been rescued from a Pound.  We don't know her full story but I think she was surrendered by her previous owner - goodness knows why as she is so lovely.  

Sally would suit a home without other dogs as she just wants all your attention but she loves interacting with other dogs when she's out for walks etc.


When a dog or cat is surrendered to a Pound by the owner, it is often a death sentence as the Pound knows that nobody is looking for the animal. Pounds are not rescue centres, they can only keep animals for a certain time period.  Thankfully, we have rescue organisations such as Sydney Animal Second-Chance Inc who visit Pounds and take a number of animals into their care.  But they cannot take them all.  Rescue are funded by public donation.  They are overworked and full to capacity all the time.  This is when Foster Carers help out and provide a safe and loving temporary environment until a permanent home is found.

This very short video will clearly show you Sally's light that shines from within. 

If you would like to meet Sally to consider her to part of your family, please call Patricia Hood on 0404 690 014.  You can go here to find out more details about Sally.  She's beautiful.  Please consider taking her home. 

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Perth Pet Photographer - Is this the hardest subject to photograph?

I love photographing cats and I’ve been doing it for most of my life.  However, cats do as they please and therefore they aren’t the most co-operative subjects to put in front of your camera.  Watch the short slideshow (inc some bloopers) of the photoshoot and read to the end to get my my 5 best tips to creating better images of your cat.

When Pebbles and Gilbert arrived at my studio last Friday, a thunderstorm was about to hit Perth.  These 5 month old kittens went straight into exploring mode and it was my job to get them to relax and connect with me.  Luckily, I speak Cat.

If you find it difficult to get gorgeous photos of your cat then check out my 5 top tips: 

  1. Check the background, if there is lots of clutter then remove it.
  2. Be patient.  If you cat is stressed then you need to wait until they are more relaxed to get good shots.  Remember too that cats have short attention spans.
  3. Use a favourite toy to entice.  Cats often don’t respond to sounds like dogs do as they are more visual so stick to their favourite toy to create energy.
  4. Use a trail of treats to entice them to an area where you’d like to photograph them - If you pick a cat up and place them where you want them, they will inevitably move.  It must be on their terms.
  5. Finally, have your camera settings already worked out - you can then concentrate on taking the photograph… and you often need to be quick.

Your pet, like Pebbles and Gilbert, maybe just a youngster or perhaps they are now in their twilight.  It doesn’t matter.  Photographs are a return ticket to a moment in time that’s otherwise gone forever.  

Contact us to discuss how you would like us to photograph your pet.  We also have gift vouchers for your loved ones that start from only $150.00.  Call on 0434 549 372 or email

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Perth Pet Photography - World Dog Day, 26 August 2015

Yes, I missed the deadline for the blog by a day as I was knee deep in editing gorgeous images for a client.  However, in celebration of World Dog Day, which was yesterday, I have added a selection of some images of dogs I have photographed over the years.  

I remember each one clearly, although I'd only met some of them for the briefest of moments.

Photographs never forget.

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Love and Light

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