Perth Headshot Photographer - How to look amazing on LinkedIn

Your headshot is the new handshake.  You need it to be authentic and show the professional, polished you. Your photo needs to be good enough to connect to your potential clients or employer before you have even spoken and this means having your photo taken by a professional Portrait Photographer.  Selfies just don't cut it in business.

I know you think you're not photogenic.  It's the number one thing everyone says to me and it's usually women that tell me that.

So far, I've not had a single client that is not absolutely thrilled with their headshots and they say that even before the final editing has been done.

I'll guide you through what to wear and direct you during the entire photoshoot. One thing to think about is what do you want your photographs to say about you.  Some words to think about are trustworthy, professional, approachable, capable, successful and creative.  It's often all of these things.

Ladies, you will be photographed differently to men.  Women have totally different body language to men and I incorporate that into your photographs and that's a very good reason to book me as your photographer.  I don't "pose" you but use body language to create believable beautiful photographs of you.  If you don't believe it, no one else will.

It doesn't matter if you are an Actor, a Business Owner or you just need an image of yourself or your staff that you actually really like - give me a call.  We do packages for both men and women or just one image if that's all you need.  It will be costing you more money not to have a professional, polished image online.

Connection is the key through a professional photograph of yourself.

Call Jane Earle today 0434 549 372 and book your photoshoot.  It will change the way you see yourself.

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Perth Headshots - Photographing Rahni Newsome

Many of my business clients have never been in front of a professional Photographer’s camera, let alone stood behind the camera in a professional capacity.

Last week I photographed Rahni Newsome and she has done both.  A few years back she was the Official Photographer for the Sydney Film Festival, photographing A-List celebrities on the Red Carpet including Ewan McGregor at the Film Premier of Ghost Writer. Mmm..I photographed U2, Duran Duran, David Bowie and many others in 1983-86 (basically, if you were only slightly famous in the '80's and were in Sydney at some point, then I took your photo).  I guess stalking bands with my first camera, aged 16, isn’t quite the same thing though.  It was still fun.

Rahni's career is fascinating.  She is a Digital Media Consultant and  has appeared on and off screen in a number of TV and radio productions.  She's contributed to blockbuster media brands like Vogue, Elle, Woman’s Weekly, AND appeared in a number of Hollywood productions with well known actors such as Matthew McConaghy, Kate Hudson, Debra Messing and Gerard Butler. She's also done a Bollywood film.

 Guys, she's even worked on Top Gear. Find out more at

Rahni, is the most beautiful, funny and warm person to photograph. I loved creating stunning photos, reflecting the different aspects of her required as a Digital Media Consultant.

I have a gut feeling that Rahni’s future is going to be just as interesting, if not more so.  Maybe I'm psychic?


If you need professional, authentic photographs of you that are far more than just a corporate headshot, then call Jane on 0434549372

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Perth Portrait Photography - Your online image can change your life

Leanne Allen is a Psychologist and Life Coach who was in the midst of some mindset coaching with her own coach when she came to me for her business portraits. 

A great photograph of you will connect you to your clients before you have even spoken.  It's all about connection.  The photographs I took of Leanne were to become a contributing factor in a big life change for her.  Keep reading to find out how.

Now, here's the best bit.

When I photographed Leanne, she was single.  Shortly after, she decided to try a dating website called OK Cupid and used the photos I took of her as part of her dating profile.  Leanne also wrote a very specific list of what she wanted in a partner. A week later, she met Grant and they've been together ever since. He said he was drawn to her profile initially by the photos I took of her.  Leanne and Grant now run their own workshops on helping people to find their partner online.  Check out their Reconnect Workshops. 

Your photo on a dating site is the first thing people will notice about your profile.  Take a look at some of the photos on OK Cupid, RSVP, Tinder etc.  How many people have great, authentic and eye catching shots of themselves?  Very few.  Most are blurred selfies.  A few people's faces were completely obscured by their phones or iPads!  That's not how you go about attracting the love of your life online.  Be the one that stands out from the crowd - get a professional photo.  It's your number one marketing tool.

I regularly photograph clients specifically for their online dating profile shots.  If you are thinking of improving your online image, whether it be for online dating or for your business then contact Perth Portrait Photographer Jane Earle Photography to discuss how to create the best images of you that you have ever seen.

Love and Light

Jane Earle