Perth Portrait Photography - Your online image can change your life

Leanne Allen is a Psychologist and Life Coach who was in the midst of some mindset coaching with her own coach when she came to me for her business portraits. 

A great photograph of you will connect you to your clients before you have even spoken.  It's all about connection.  The photographs I took of Leanne were to become a contributing factor in a big life change for her.  Keep reading to find out how.

Now, here's the best bit.

When I photographed Leanne, she was single.  Shortly after, she decided to try a dating website called OK Cupid and used the photos I took of her as part of her dating profile.  Leanne also wrote a very specific list of what she wanted in a partner. A week later, she met Grant and they've been together ever since. He said he was drawn to her profile initially by the photos I took of her.  Leanne and Grant now run their own workshops on helping people to find their partner online.  Check out their Reconnect Workshops. 

Your photo on a dating site is the first thing people will notice about your profile.  Take a look at some of the photos on OK Cupid, RSVP, Tinder etc.  How many people have great, authentic and eye catching shots of themselves?  Very few.  Most are blurred selfies.  A few people's faces were completely obscured by their phones or iPads!  That's not how you go about attracting the love of your life online.  Be the one that stands out from the crowd - get a professional photo.  It's your number one marketing tool.

I regularly photograph clients specifically for their online dating profile shots.  If you are thinking of improving your online image, whether it be for online dating or for your business then contact Perth Portrait Photographer Jane Earle Photography to discuss how to create the best images of you that you have ever seen.

Love and Light

Jane Earle





Perth Portrait Photography - It Doesn't Matter... Until It Matters

Today, I received my second request in 2 weeks to create a professional slideshow to music for a funeral.  In both cases, the person died suddenly and I never had the chance to photograph either of them.

Each family sent me through scanned images of their loved one and some music of meaning to accompany them.  As I did quick colour and exposure corrections on each image, I thought of how these photos are all the families have left of their loved ones.  Yes, they have the memories but there is nothing quite like a photo to instantly reconnect you to someone you love.

As portrait Photographers, we don't just take photos - we are the captors of memories.  To us, it's never just an image on paper or canvas but something that will one day be priceless to someone.

Hands up all those that own a beautiful family portrait.  Are you and your immediate family in it and have there been new additions since?  Are all your family photos on your iPhone or iPad and not on your wall for everyone to enjoy.    The truth is, it doesn't matter until it matters.

With the permission of Peter Byrne's partner, I am sharing you his slideshow.  I never met Peter but I feel I've connected with him through his photographs.  I can see he was a kind and caring soul who loved his partner, family, friends and his fur-babies.  

How long has it been since you've had a family portrait taken?

Contact Perth Portrait Photographer, Jane Earle on 0434549372 to discuss how you would all loved to be photographed, your pets included.

Pet Photography Perth - Have you ever felt an old soul?

I've photographed some beautiful pets and people in my life.  I have strong memories of each one of them but sometimes a client turns up at my Studio who really is quite special. They pull on my heart strings and sometimes I can't quite explain why.  It's a feeling and a connection I have without knowing anything about them.

Beauty is not only about being visually attractive.  It's deeper than that.  You "feel" beauty and it has nothing to do with being a cover girl. Beauty stirs and inspires you.  Pretty is fleeting. In Zeffirelli's film,  Romeo and Julliet, we hear that  "a rose will bloom and then will fade, so does youth, so does the fairest maid".  These words are not about true beauty.   

We find it in all of nature like the fibonacci patterns on a shell or in the wisdom of an old woman's eyes. It's about connection too. Your eyes see it but your heart feels it more which is powerful stuff.  If I can capture that with my camera then I've done my job.

Recently, a dog arrived at my Studio with his very proud mum and dad.  He is an 11 year old Belgian Shepherd called Tanzi.  His parents received one of my Gift Vouchers for Christmas.  We got down to work and I created some beautiful portraits of him.

Whenever I photograph someone, I like to hear their story if they are willing to share it with me.  It's the same for pets.  Some have lovely stories of being with their families from almost birth and some have followed a rocky road.  Some stories are downright heartbreaking but they all have good endings.  

People bring their pets to me to photographed because they love them to the Moon and back. I see the good and responsible side of pet "ownership".  My clients care deeply for their fur children.

Tanzi was about 7 or 8 when he found his forever home.  He was bred by a lovely and caring breeder called Tervailles Kennel, located in Kempsey, NSW.


His first home didn't work out.  His parents parted and his "mum" couldn't cope with Tanzi plus his 2 Rottweiler brothers and so she did the right thing and asked his breeder to take him back in.  

Meanwhile, in Sydney, a lady called Christine was surfing the internet after her parent's beloved dog, Jackson, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Christine's parents love Belgian Shepherds as they had had them in their lives for 50 years.  They knew they couldn't replace Jackson but they wanted to give his vacated space to another deserving dog and felt an older dog would be good, perhaps even one of the rare "grey" Belgian Shepards.  

Bingo.  Christine found Tanzi through Tervallies.  He was the perfect match for her parents.

I can't express adequately, except through my images, of how gorgeous and very, very beautiful this dog is.  His beauty goes far deeper than his regal appearance. His energy is calm and wise.  I felt like I was sitting next to a very wise individual.  As I picked up my camera and photographed him, I felt humbled and calm.  I have no idea why. I guess the world is a more mysterious place than we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

If you want to connect with your loved one through beautiful images for the rest of your life then contact us at Jane Earle Photography on 0434 549 372.

Love and Light

Jane Earle

Portrait Photographer, Northern Beaches, Sydney








Glamour Photography Perth - "But I've got nothing to wear!"

Ladies, seriously though, do you really have nothing to wear? 

I wonder how many women actually have completely empty wardrobes. Practically none.  However, I know exactly what you mean and I can offer you a quick solution.

Most of us have had an invitation to a cocktail party, wedding, dinner function etc.  Our initial thoughts usually go something like this:

"Yay!! exciting!!!, can't wait" and then "oh god, what the heck do I have to wear?"

"mmmm, nothing to wear"...."oh god, can't afford what I want to wear"....

"Nup, can't go, my stuff is covered in cat/dog hair".  

The initial happy dance now becomes a near death experience as you examine your wardrobe contents.  Isn't the obvious answer just to go and buy the perfect dress?  Yes, but isn't that the way one bankrupts oneself in less than half an hour?

Keep reading to hear my solution - you are going to love this.

My experience of finding "the outfit to die for" started in Sydney's Paddington - the land of designer labels and ridiculous price tags.   I was actually looking for my wedding dress and I did not want a traditional cream wedding gown (blame left-field Aquarius on my ascendant for that).  I wanted something that I loved, was a colour I deeply connected with and I could wear again and again and again (tight-arse Virgo side of me).  

The clothes I found were mouthwateringly incredible - just stunning.  They hung heavy and beaded on their wooden hangers. More Haute Couture, less ready to wear. Model-like shop assistants drooled as I showed the slightest spark of interest.  I have to say it was lots of fun - the attention, the gowns and the scent of expensive candles that made the shop feel like a luxurious eastern suburbs Bordello.

Any dress that I really wanted was well over $2000.  Could I afford it? Well, I guess so - I wouldn't be bankrupt if I bought it.  Did I want to spend that sort of money on one dress - even if it was my wedding dress that I could wear again? The short answer was no.  I mean, think of all the camera stuff I could buy with that money.

Next stop David Jones in Elizabeth Street.  I purchased a beautiful lilac lace dress. If you go to my "About" page on my website, you can see me wearing it.  I love that dress.  I got married in it and have worn it many times since. I think I paid about $250 for for it.  The shoes perfectly match the dress but they don't match my feet.  They were the last pair left and half price.  I drink a lot of Martinis every time I wear them - my stylish painkillers.  But, hey, I look great!

OUCH!!!!!  A martini is the best painkiller.

OUCH!!!!!  A martini is the best painkiller.

Now, the reason for this blog post is a reflection of "if only I knew about....".  Recently, I found a dress hire company in Sydney's CBD.  They are called Dressed Up.  I decided to pop by and take a look at what they have to hire, not just for myself but for clients who really do want to look incredible in their photoshoot.  I was gobsmaked.  The clothes are gorgeous and designers include: Rachel Gilbert, Wayne Cooper, White Suede, Camilla, Nicola Finetti, Jayson Brunsdon and Alice McCall.

I can waffle on about their beauty in this blog but the truth is go and look for yourself.  I felt a sense of relief as I envisaged myself at the appropriate social function wearing one of Dressed Up's beautiful and unique numbers.  If I'm honest, I don't have anything to wear either - except for the lilac lace dress but everyone has seen it - I've worn it that much.  

That Lilac Dress

That Lilac Dress

At Dressed Up, you can hire a range of dresses from $49 upwards per dress and you can keep your chosen dress for either 4 or 8 days.  I saw some that I would love to hire for $49, but really, I wanted them all.  At the time of my visit, they stocked a uniquely beautiful range of jewellery by The Dark Horse.  I love what it says on their card, "jewellery for the soul".  Fitting -  as my main aim, when I  photograph you, is actually to capture and connect your soul with the viewer. I love it when the real you steps forward and engages with my camera.  I get goosebumps when that happens.

If you are looking for a unique, contemporary portrait photoshoot (either on your own or with someone you love including your pet) then let me offer you this:   My professional make up artist will give you an incredible makeover so you look your very best.  Treat yourself - go all out, hire the dress that turns everyone green with envy and drink up the feelings of gratitute for your life.  Experience your unique beauty through my lens.   You will possess the most incredible images that have captured you for all time.  

Make a day of it. After the photoshoot, go for lunch or dinner or both - engage with friends and be with the ones you love.  Cherish the moment, carp diem.  Do it, celebrate your life.  You must exist in beautiful photographs for your family and friends.  But really?  I want you also to do it for yourself.   

Ladies, ultimately, we must do it for ourselves....because then, and only then, will we do it for others.

Feast on your life.

Love and Light

Jane Earle

Portrait Photographer - Northern Beaches








Portrait Photographer Perth - Do you exist in photographs?

As the Portrait Photographer in the family, I am always the one taking the photos.  I actually don't exist in many family portrait photographs.  I skipped the last 15 years somehow.  Is this you too?  It's got me thinking.  

We may not think it's important that we are in the family portrait photos. You may not even want to be in photographs at all so you grab the camera or the iPhone before anyone else does - great excuse isn't it?  Sadly, it's our loved ones who miss out.   Last year my mother-in-law passed away.  No one in the family had a good portrait photograph of her to display at her send-off.  They came to me for one - I actually didn't have one either as I hadn't been doing portrait photography for my own family.  Then the awful realisation hit home.  It was too late - she's gone and no one captured a great portrait photograph of her.  Yes, there were lots of photos of Mary but they were just snaps which were often blurred or distant - nothing engaging that did her justice.  Nothing that was timeless.

Anyone who knows me or has read my "About Jane" page on my website will know that I love researching Family Trees.  I delved into mine and I've got back beyond the year 1066.  Researching where your family comes from and who they were is a game of intrigue and suspense.  You will find secrets so well hidden that you may just be opening Pandora's Box.  

When researching my family history, I solved a family mystery too.  When my Grandfather was just 5 years old, he was given to his cousin and her husband.  Yes, folks, that's right - he was given away!  He never saw his brother or parents again.  Grandad spent the rest of his life wondering what happened to his brother.  To cut a long story short, I found Grandad's brother's death certificate, his daughter's name, who she married, where she lived and her phone number (just call me Sherlock).  

The father and the son he gave away.

The father and the son he gave away.

One night I decided to phone her from Australia and told her who I was.  This 86 year old lady started to weep as she relayed how she had tried all her life to find her Uncle - my Grandfather - and never knew what happened to him until we spoke.  We stayed in touch until she passed away.  One of the most important things she sent me were copies of old family portrait  photographs - a photograph of my Grandfather's brother as an adult.  Something my Grandfather never got to see.  Dad and I stared hard into the image of a man so closely related but whom we would never meet.  Finally, we got to see what he looked like. 

My Great Uncle's Portrait - now we know what he looked like.

My Great Uncle's Portrait - now we know what he looked like.

One of my most treasured possessions is an old family photograph album.  It's neatly inscribed in the front in faded ink, signed by my Great Great Uncle and dated 1884.  Many of the images were taken long before then.  The expressions are often bland or distant. The people well dressed and posing as best they could for the labourious amount of time it took to take just one exposure. As I carefully turn each page, I see images of ancestors only recogniseable to me by their names as most had died before I was born.  

The heirlom photographic album - Victorian style and inside is my Grandfather with his cousin and husband who brought him up.  They look stern in this image but  apparently they weren't like that at all.

The heirlom photographic album - Victorian style and inside is my Grandfather with his cousin and husband who brought him up.  They look stern in this image but  apparently they weren't like that at all.

The photos of my Dad as a child and my Grandparents, however, are the most important.  They have all passed away and this is what I have left of them.  Of course I have the usual things such as watches and rings that belonged to them but it's the portrait photos that are the most prized as the connection is there for the heart to feel and the eyes to see.  I love having them displayed in an album as it seems more tangible than a digital image.  It's special to be able to take the photographic album off it's display shelf, feel it's luxury and then sit down and slowly turn the pages.  There is something peaceful, private, almost meditative about that.  They actually owned it and now it's passed down to me.

If you really do want to capture yourself and your family in portraits for all time, I offer a 6, 12 and 18 image package presented in an exquisite made-to-order Folio Box to keep your matted images in until you decide to display them.  This is an heirloom that deserves to be handed down to your children and the ones you love to be treasured.  There are other options also such as 9 images matted and displayed in a beautiful frame for your home for all to enjoy.

I encourage you to exist in portrait photographs for your children, friends and family.  One day, your images will be priceless to them.

Love and Light

Jane Earle, Portrait Photographer - Northern Beaches, Perth.