A dog called Stanley

29 Sep 2021 Pet Photography

Meghan, recieved a one of our Gift Vouchers for her birthday and what could be a better gift than beautiful images of her 5 year old rescue dog, Stanley.

Meghan told me she jokes to her parents that he’s the best member of the family but she also said that she wasn’t actually joking. I think that those of us who love our pets to the moon and back understand completely.

Meghan adopted Stanley from the RSPCA just over 2 years ago when he was 3 years old.  How he ended up in the RSPCA is anyone’s guess.  When you a adopt a pet you often don’t know their story.  Perhaps his previous owner died, moved house or surrendered him.  If only they could talk and tell us but then I guess many of their stories would break our hearts.

What matters now is that Stanley is the light of this young woman’s life and she is the same for him.  Meghan sent me an email after the photoshoot,  “He is cheeky, kind, incredibly affectionate and these photos have captured his personality perfectly. As he grows older we will be able to reminisce over his glory days as a young lad with these photos.”

So, you see, these photos are going to be something that Meghan will treasure throughout her whole life and that’s why a Gift Voucher of Photography is priceless.  Photographs never forget.

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