More than anything, I want our pets to live forever but they don’t, at least not in the physical world we know. More often than not, we outlive them. It’s something we’d all rather not think about. 

Last year I knew I was going to lose my 13 year old Gizzy to cancer.  Holding him close, I often whispered to him, “please stay longer“.  As I picked up my camera, I was fully aware that the photographs I had taken of him over the years, were soon to become more than priceless to us. Then, one wet Winter’s afternoon, he was gone in a heartbeat. 

However, as the decades pass and when we need it most, we can hold our pet’s images, once again look into their bright eyes, and remember their precious light. Memories can fade but Photographs never forget. 

This is why I’m a Pet Photographer. 

Regardless of all of this, nothing can break our connection and the bond of love we share with our pets. Love is all there is… the rest is an illusion. 

It’s time to tell your pet’s story through photographs. Your future self will thank you for it. 

Although the above will pull on your heartstrings, it’s important to know that I am of a professional standard. In 2016, I successfully completed the strict membership process of the former AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). As an AIPP Accredited Member, I earned the title of  Professional Photographer.

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