I knew I was going to lose my 13 year old Gizzy to cancer. My worst nightmare came true when, one wet Winter’s afternoon, he was gone in a heartbeat.

Amongst my most treasured possessions are photographs of those I love. Photos of pets, from my childhood to the present day, are featured on my walls at home.  Just so I will never, ever forget their precious light. Images of grandparents I last saw over 35 years ago and of course my Dad. Their photos connect us all again once more. Faded photos in a 175 year old family photograph album connect me to the ancestors I never met but I see myself in them. I hope you pass your photographs down to your descendants – perhaps they too will also one day see themselves in you. 

To move people with photography, you first have to be moved by it. 

Nothing moves me more than photographs of animals, regardless if I have known them or not.  It could be your pet, a wild animal in a far off land or an old faded black and white photograph of someone’s beloved companion, now lost in the passage of time.  I connect to each of them in the most remarkable and fulfilling way.  This is why I am a Pet Photographer.  For all creatures great and small.

I want your pets to exist in photographs so you can connect with them for the rest of your life.  I want your loved animal companion captured for all time in timeless, classic, beautiful, painterly, expressive, emotive portraits that you proudly display on your walls for everyone to admire.  I’d secretly love it if you were also in one of those images with them. Your future self and, hopefully,  your descendants, will thank you for it. 

Although the above may pull on your heartstrings, it’s important to know that I am of a professional standard. In 2016, I successfully completed the strict membership process of the former AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). As an AIPP Accredited Member, I earned the title of Professional Photographer. In 2022, I earned a few awards from the  Portrait Masters (USA).