Family Photographer Perth – Call for Real People over 70 to be Photographed

by | Sep 29, 2021

I’ve just seen the most incredible images by David Bailey (one of my favourite Photographers from way back) of the UK’s oldest people.  The series of images are called “This is what 100 looks like”. The youngest is 100 and the oldest is 107. The imagery is stunning and connects you to the person immediately.  Then you read their short bio.  Incredibly moving stuff.  These are not the photos of famous people but of real people just like your parents or grandparents.

My Dad was a boy during World War II.  He had a 1000 fascinating stories to tell about London’s Blitz and being evacuated etc, as did my grandparents.  It was a time that was harder in some respects than the present.  Yet, in many ways, it was more joyful and more connected to society on a deeper level than any social media can fulfil.

I wish I had photographed my father and my grandparents as I photograph my clients.  You know the shots – gutsy black and white with emotion that makes you cry at seeing a perfect stranger.  That to me is what photography is about.  Alas, they’ve all departed this world and so I missed my opportunity forever.  

My wonderful father – passed away at 82 – I so regret not taking a series of professional images of him.  This image is created with film and taken in Bath, England circa 1998 – a casual snapshot.

However, if you are reading this and you are lucky enough to still have parents, grandparents or even better, great grandparents in your life then I would love to photograph them.  I would like to reproduce what David Bailey has done here in his “This is what 100 looks like”.  Your loved ones do not have to be 100 but if they have a story to tell, are willing to be photographed and are at least 70 years young then I’d love to photograph them. You will want to do this to capture their personality and story for all time for your family. Please contact me to discuss on 0434 549 372.

I’m looking for 8 people 70+ only so you’ll need to be quick to register interest before March 31st 2015. 

One Life.  Capture it. Remember it.

Love and Light

Jane Earle – Portrait Photographer Northern Beaches


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