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by | Sep 29, 2021

I’ve photographed animals all my life – they were the first subject matter I practised on with my trusty film camera aged 15.  It’s not surprising that they are still one of my favourite subjects considering that I have a strong energetic connection with all animals and not just pets.

So, I feel I need to give back to these amazing creatures and I do that by photographing pets that need homes.  Good photographs with connection are essential these days to rehoming animals quickly.  In fact, most Professional Pet Photographers will do this out of pure love.

Milly is a Cattle Dog.  She is young, sweet and very friendly.  She needs a loving home to call her own.

I don’t know much about Milly except that she was rescued by Sydney Animal Second Chance Inc after being in Campbeltown Pound for 6 weeks.  She is roughly about a year old.  Pets end up in Pounds for a few reasons.  They are either lost with no microchip/tag or people surrender them often for reasons that you and I would find unacceptable.

Our Sydney Pounds and Rescue Centres are stretched to the max.  Euthanasia is often the sad end to vibrant pet’s life, simply because there are not enough homes available.

We don’t know why Milly ended up in the Pound but I believe her life before SAS rescued her was not a great one.  However, despite this, she is still a happy and friendly dog with lots of love inside her.  She’ll make your heart sing and your family whole.

If you could share this blog post so that others can see the incredible light that shines from within Milly and help find her someone who will love her as much as she’ll love them.

Call Sydney Animal Second Chance on 0416 083 571

Thank you

Jane Earle

0434 549 372


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