Glamour Photography Perth – “But I’ve got nothing to wear!”

by | Sep 29, 2021

Ladies, seriously though, do you really have nothing to wear? 

I wonder how many women actually have completely empty wardrobes. Practically none.  However, I know exactly what you mean and I can offer you a quick solution.

Most of us have had an invitation to a cocktail party, wedding, dinner function etc.  Our initial thoughts usually go something like this:

“Yay!! exciting!!!, can’t wait” and then “oh god, what the heck do I have to wear?”

“mmmm, nothing to wear”….”oh god, can’t afford what I want to wear”….

“Nup, can’t go, my stuff is covered in cat/dog hair”.  

The initial happy dance now becomes a near death experience as you examine your wardrobe contents.  Isn’t the obvious answer just to go and buy the perfect dress?  Yes, but isn’t that the way one bankrupts oneself in less than half an hour?

Keep reading to hear my solution – you are going to love this.

My experience of finding “the outfit to die for” started in Sydney’s Paddington – the land of designer labels and ridiculous price tags.   I was actually looking for my wedding dress and I did not want a traditional cream wedding gown (blame left-field Aquarius on my ascendant for that).  I wanted something that I loved, was a colour I deeply connected with and I could wear again and again and again (tight-arse Virgo side of me).  

The clothes I found were mouthwateringly incredible – just stunning.  They hung heavy and beaded on their wooden hangers. More Haute Couture, less ready to wear. Model-like shop assistants drooled as I showed the slightest spark of interest.  I have to say it was lots of fun – the attention, the gowns and the scent of expensive candles that made the shop feel like a luxurious eastern suburbs Bordello.

Any dress that I really wanted was well over $2000.  Could I afford it? Well, I guess so – I wouldn’t be bankrupt if I bought it.  Did I want to spend that sort of money on one dress – even if it was my wedding dress that I could wear again? The short answer was no.  I mean, think of all the camera stuff I could buy with that money.

Next stop David Jones in Elizabeth Street.  I purchased a beautiful lilac lace dress. If you go to my “About” page on my website, you can see me wearing it.  I love that dress.  I got married in it and have worn it many times since. I think I paid about $250 for for it.  The shoes perfectly match the dress but they don’t match my feet.  They were the last pair left and half price.  I drink a lot of Martinis every time I wear them – my stylish painkillers.  But, hey, I look great!

OUCH!!!!!  A martini is the best painkiller.

Now, the reason for this blog post is a reflection of “if only I knew about….”.  Recently, I found a dress hire company in Sydney’s CBD.  They are called Dressed Up.  I decided to pop by and take a look at what they have to hire, not just for myself but for clients who really do want to look incredible in their photoshoot.  I was gobsmaked.  The clothes are gorgeous and designers include: Rachel Gilbert, Wayne Cooper, White Suede, Camilla, Nicola Finetti, Jayson Brunsdon and Alice McCall.

I can waffle on about their beauty in this blog but the truth is go and look for yourself.  I felt a sense of relief as I envisaged myself at the appropriate social function wearing one of Dressed Up‘s beautiful and unique numbers.  If I’m honest, I don’t have anything to wear either – except for the lilac lace dress but everyone has seen it – I’ve worn it that much.  

That Lilac Dress

At Dressed Up, you can hire a range of dresses from $49 upwards per dress and you can keep your chosen dress for either 4 or 8 days.  I saw some that I would love to hire for $49, but really, I wanted them all.  At the time of my visit, they stocked a uniquely beautiful range of jewellery by The Dark Horse.  I love what it says on their card, “jewellery for the soul”.  Fitting –  as my main aim, when I  photograph you, is actually to capture and connect your soul with the viewer. I love it when the real you steps forward and engages with my camera.  I get goosebumps when that happens.

If you are looking for a unique, contemporary portrait photoshoot (either on your own or with someone you love including your pet) then let me offer you this:   My professional make up artist will give you an incredible makeover so you look your very best.  Treat yourself – go all out, hire the dress that turns everyone green with envy and drink up the feelings of gratitute for your life.  Experience your unique beauty through my lens.   You will possess the most incredible images that have captured you for all time.  

Make a day of it. After the photoshoot, go for lunch or dinner or both – engage with friends and be with the ones you love.  Cherish the moment, carp diem.  Do it, celebrate your life.  You must exist in beautiful photographs for your family and friends.  But really?  I want you also to do it for yourself.   

Ladies, ultimately, we must do it for ourselves….because then, and only then, will we do it for others.

Feast on your life.

Love and Light

Jane Earle

Portrait Photographer – Northern Beaches



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