Perth Family Photographer – Your Father’s Day Gift Made Easy

by | Sep 29, 2021

Sunday 3 September is Father’s Day – what should you buy your Dad or if you are a parent of young children, what should buy your partner as a gift to celebrate his fatherhood?

She’ll never remember doing this but photographs never forget.

The simplest and actually the most meaningful gift you’ll give Dad on Father’s Day is the gift of photos of him with his beloved family.  A Gift Voucher of family photography is simple to order and they can be purchased for either $250, $350, $500 or $1000.

Photographs of your Dad and his family including the family pet will become one of the most priceless things you’ll ever give. You’ll all look back and remember that moment of connection between you all. Family photos are also a legacy.  For your child and for those in the future who are not yet born.  I’m an amateur Genealogist so I like to think I’m crafting an heirloom for the families I photograph.

I’ve just photographed this beautiful family for the second time.  Firstly when their baby girl was a few months old and now at 17months. I took the images through the eyes of their child and then as a much older woman as that’s when this girl will one day treasure these images.  I also photographed the family through the eyes of the parents as their little girl will quickly grow up to be a woman.  Time waits for no one.

Call us today to arrange your Gift Voucher or just to discuss how you and your family would like to be photographed.  Studio, park or beach locations are available.     

Love and Light

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