Perth Headshot Photographer – Capturing a Spiritual Medium’s Soul

by | Sep 29, 2021

The possibility of an Afterlife is something I have always been interested in.  As a child it was fairy and ghost stories then as a teenager I read documentary accounts of strange phenomena like poltergeists and near death experiences. My father and grandfather had often also pondered on the “unseen” and how quantum physics could possibly explain it as it being normal phenomena, rather than paranormal.  Proof is one thing I was seeking – the more I read, the more curious I got and the more I learnt.

Last week a professional Medium, Christine Morgan, called me as she needed to update her images for her website and marketing material.  This was one photoshoot I just couldn’t wait to do.   She decided on my Executive Women’s Package which is perfect for women who need a good variety of professional digital images for use in their business, website and LinkedIn.  The package also includes an incredibly natural and beautiful makeup from my Makeup Artist – the very talented Eloise Proust.  

Christine photographed beautifully and she loved my philosophy of when I photograph people, I encourage their ego to step back and their spirit to step forward. This is photographing the light than shines from within each living being.  It’s when you feel connection in a photograph, and often you finally greet yourself for the very first time.  It’s the real you and not the “you” you see in the mirror each day along with all the negative chatter running through your head.  

Young children and animals supposedly still have one foot in the “spirit world” (for want of a better description for wherever that place is). Their spirit is effortlessly present and the camera captures their true essence more easily than adults.

Christine’s Mediumship spans 23 years both in Australia and internationally.  She’s probably one of Australia’s best.  Apart from having an evidential reading with a genuine and compassionate Medium, such as Christine, it can also be an important part of the healing process.

When the spirit of your loved one steps forward and connects with you during a reading, it can give you understanding and help to heal those left behind here.  Christine did a reading for a friend of mine recently who lost her mum to suicide.  She picked up on it all, including names. I know as I heard the recording of it all. Clearly, her reading with Christine was priceless as she sent me a message afterwards that simply said, “it was life changing”.  

You can call Christine Morgan on  0411 036 963 or email her at

Love is all there is … the rest is an illusion.

Jane Earle – Perth Portrait Photographer


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