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by | Sep 29, 2021

Many of my business clients have never been in front of a professional Photographer’s camera, let alone stood behind the camera in a professional capacity.

Last week I photographed Rahni Newsome and she has done both.  A few years back she was the Official Photographer for the Sydney Film Festival, photographing A-List celebrities on the Red Carpet including Ewan McGregor at the Film Premier of Ghost Writer. Mmm..I photographed U2, Duran Duran, David Bowie and many others in 1983-86 (basically, if you were only slightly famous in the ’80’s and were in Sydney at some point, then I took your photo).  I guess stalking bands with my first camera, aged 16, isn’t quite the same thing though.  It was still fun.

Rahni’s career is fascinating.  She is a Digital Media Consultant and  has appeared on and off screen in a number of TV and radio productions.  She’s contributed to blockbuster media brands like Vogue, Elle, Woman’s Weekly, AND appeared in a number of Hollywood productions with well known actors such as Matthew McConaghy, Kate Hudson, Debra Messing and Gerard Butler. She’s also done a Bollywood film.

 Guys, she’s even worked on Top Gear. Find out more at

Rahni, is the most beautiful, funny and warm person to photograph. I loved creating stunning photos, reflecting the different aspects of her required as a Digital Media Consultant.

I have a gut feeling that Rahni’s future is going to be just as interesting, if not more so.  Maybe I’m psychic?

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