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by | Sep 29, 2021

You’ve probably heard of “Trash the Dress”.  The idea is that you put on your wedding gown and have a professional photoshoot that is the antithesis of traditional wedding photography.  You get to express your love between you and your husband by wearing your gown, doing something you love without having to worry about getting your dress dirty.   You’ll have amazing images to remember the event by.

These shoots are fun, styled and themed without the time constraints of a wedding day.  The photos can be at a beach, on a boat, in the bush or even underwater.  They are only limited by your imagination.  It’s not really about ruining your expensive gown – it’s about stepping outside traditional boundaries.  Love has none remember.

Glam the Dress is a bit different.  These photoshoots are about recreating your Wedding Day in some format.  You may dislike your original wedding photos, you may want to include people who couldn’t attend or perhaps you didn’t get to do what you wanted on your special day due to weather or other constraints.

Christine asked me to do a Glam the Dress photoshoot for her.  She’d been given one of my Gift Vouchers for her birthday and decided to make a shattered dream come true.

A few years ago, she got married close to home.  Her dream was to ride her beloved Arab horse, Narnia, to her wedding venue.  Before her wedding, Christine had spent time training Narnia so that she was comfortable with her wearing a white flowing wedding gown whilst she rode her.  If you understand how horses think, then you will understand that this required patience, time and effort to make this happen.

Christine also arranged for Narnia to have a gorgeous halter – encrusted with cowra shells – handmade in America to suit her dress.  They would have looked magical together on arrival.

Alas, it rained on her wedding day and with it, Christine’s dream was washed away.  She’d often wanted to sell her dress after the Wedding as there was no further use for it.  Luckily, her husband Sean persuaded her not to.

Three  years later, we created the images that she never thought she’d have.

We dream for a reason – never let yours go… they really can come true.

If you would like to discuss a Trash the Dress or Glam the Dress Photoshoot then contact us on 0434 549 372.  We would also love to photograph your horse and, as experienced horse riders, we understand how to make the best of your equestrian photoshoot with images that will connect you to your horse for the rest of your life.

One life. Capture it. Remember it.

Love and Light

Jane Earle Photography – Perth’s Northern Beaches


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