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by | Sep 29, 2021

How many of you know someone who has been on the front of a glossy fashion magazine?  I do… well sort of… if you count Bono from U2 when he was in Vogue (but I guess meeting someone a few times doesn’t actually classify you as “knowing them” but it’s nice to pretend). 

One of our most unique products are the Pet Couture Faux Magazine Covers.  It’s your pet’s gorgeous image on what appears, at first glance, to be a real fashion magazine cover.  As Christmas approaches and you want to surprise someone with one of a kind gift for your pet worshipping friend then this is something really amazing you might like to consider for them.  They will treasure this for the rest of their lives,

The pet’s photograph will reflect their unique soul and personality.  My fashion magazine style of photography ensures that your pet’s image will be just that – fashion model quality.  Wording is styled to suit each pet so that no faux magazine cover is the same.

The images are provided on high quality, archival canvas starting at 16×20 inches along with the high resolution image for you to make further prints as you wish.  These magazine covers are also available as prints sized from 8×10 inches, matted and ready to frame.  High quality bespoke framing can be arrange on request.  These are the focal talking point of any room you choose to hang them in.

As it’s only 3 weeks to Christmas, you can give your loved one a Gift Voucher that will include their pet’s photoshoot, the printed canvas or the print plus the high resolution file.  

After the photoshoot at our studio, all they have to do is choose the image of their pet that they would like to be immortalised on their faux magazine cover.  What a fabulous gift to capture their pet (or yours) for all time and in such a unique and personalised way.  Call us on 0434 549 372 to discuss.

They will love you to the moon and back. 

Love and Light

Jane Earle

Portrait Photographer – Northern Beaches Sydney


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