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by | Sep 29, 2021

I love animals.  I have been photographing them for 33 years, although they can challenge you at times.  You definitely need a special kind of patience when you’re behind the camera.  So, when I received a request from Sydney Animal Second-Chance Inc to photograph one of their foster dogs in order to assist finding her a home, I couldn’t say no.  

Meet Sally.  She has to be one of the easiest dogs to photograph…ever.  She was calm, quiet and friendly.  Sally has been rescued from a Pound.  We don’t know her full story but I think she was surrendered by her previous owner – goodness knows why as she is so lovely.  

Sally would suit a home without other dogs as she just wants all your attention but she loves interacting with other dogs when she’s out for walks etc.

When a dog or cat is surrendered to a Pound by the owner, it is often a death sentence as the Pound knows that nobody is looking for the animal. Pounds are not rescue centres, they can only keep animals for a certain time period.  Thankfully, we have rescue organisations such as Sydney Animal Second-Chance Inc who visit Pounds and take a number of animals into their care.  But they cannot take them all.  Rescue are funded by public donation.  They are overworked and full to capacity all the time.  This is when Foster Carers help out and provide a safe and loving temporary environment until a permanent home is found.

This very short video will clearly show you Sally’s light that shines from within. 

If you would like to meet Sally to consider her to part of your family, please call Patricia Hood on 0404 690 014.  You can go here to find out more details about Sally.  She’s beautiful.  Please consider taking her home. 

Capture your pets for all time so that you never, ever forget their precious light.

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