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by | Sep 29, 2021

My name is Jane Earle and I am a contemporary Portrait Photographer from Sydney.  Having said that, I have spent most of my adult life in the UK and Western Australia.  Six years ago, I was living a very ordinary life in Perth when, late one afternoon, my ex-husband asked for a divorce.  My life changed dramatically in a heartbeat – it was time to come home. So, here I am, writing this from my home office and studio near Manly, on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.  Every cloud has its silver lining.

Incredibly huge waves on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – I almost lost my camera in the sea that day.

My fascination with Photography started when I purchased my first camera at 15 and built my own Darkroom at 16 (yes, I still have all the equipment).  My genres were many: sea and landscapes, animals, textures – anything that I found beauty in, even if others never saw it.  I actually took my first photo at 6 years old.  It was of my parents standing outside of the Assembly Rooms in Bath, England.  Funnily, it was the only picture in focus from our entire holiday.

The first photo Jane Earle,  Photographer, ever took.  I was 6 years old and on holiday with my parents in Bath, England.

The last 6 months have been a big learning curve for me as a Photographer. I’ve trained under the direction of Sue Bryce, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year (2011 and 2012).  I have been asked to photograph Northern Beaches Weddings, Lower Northshore Weddings, Events for Manly Entrepreneurs at Manly Emporium, Fine Art and Glamour Portraits.  I have built a beautiful Portfolio – and I continue to build it at every opportunity.  

I photographed this Mosman Wedding a few weeks ago – the bride and groom were so happy with their images. The Bride’s sister even telephoned me twice to say how much the family loved the photos.  I created an heirloom that day.

I am evolving and constantly learning new editing, marketing, posing, styling and lighting tips pretty much every week. In this industry, you never stop learning. I will share here some of what I learn and how I incorporate it into my business.  Knowing the correct way to pose someone is an essential component of a beautiful portrait.  It takes time and practice to learn this skill but once you have mastered it, you will never look back. This is where a Photographer really can weave her magic.  Capturing the light that shines from within has to be the most rewarding element of portrait photography for me.  It’s emotional for both client and photographer.  It’s the reason why I do this.

In my blog, you may find something of yourself in what I write, particularly if you are a Photographer on a similar path as myself or a client who is curious about the behind the scenes process and the type of images I produce. Feel free to email me or give me feedback in the comment box below. It would be nice to hear from you and to find out what makes you tick. 

If you are looking for a Wedding, Event, Glamour or Fine Art Portrait Photographer then contact me by phone: 0434 549 372, email:  You can view my images at

Love and Light,

Jane Earle, Portrait Photographer


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