Perth Portrait Photography – It Doesn’t Matter… Until It Matters

29 Sep 2021 Uncategorised

Today, I received my second request in 2 weeks to create a professional slideshow to music for a funeral.  In both cases, the person died suddenly and I never had the chance to photograph either of them.

Each family sent me through scanned images of their loved one and some music of meaning to accompany them.  As I did quick colour and exposure corrections on each image, I thought of how these photos are all the families have left of their loved ones.  Yes, they have the memories but there is nothing quite like a photo to instantly reconnect you to someone you love.

As portrait Photographers, we don’t just take photos – we are the captors of memories.  To us, it’s never just an image on paper or canvas but something that will one day be priceless to someone.

Hands up all those that own a beautiful family portrait.  Are you and your immediate family in it and have there been new additions since?  Are all your family photos on your iPhone or iPad and not on your wall for everyone to enjoy.    The truth is, it doesn’t matter until it matters.

With the permission of Peter Byrne’s partner, I am sharing you his slideshow.  I never met Peter but I feel I’ve connected with him through his photographs.  I can see he was a kind and caring soul who loved his partner, family, friends and his fur-babies.

How long has it been since you’ve had a family portrait taken?

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