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by | Sep 29, 2021

Meet Rubble.  He’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he is 16 years old.  I think he is the oldest dog I have ever photographed and defintely one of the most loved.  

I saw an image of Rubble on Social Media.  His Mum, Christine, had proudly posted a photo of him on his 16th birthday.  I thought he was a gorgeous gentle soul. The urge to photograph him was strong so I contacted Rubble’s Mum to see if she would consider some professional portraits of him.  I sent her my Pet Portrait Brochure and waited to hear from her.

Rubble arrived at my Studio for his Photo Shoot and I eagerly reached for my squeaky dog toy. I squeezed the toy, expecting to see a look of delight on his face.  Nothing. No reaction at all.  Rubble, being a Senior dog, is as deaf as a post.  However, his eyesight is sharp and we amused him with carrots and Bonio biscuits – he was then putty in my hands and the magical shots came one after the other.

Nikon D700, ISO 100, f3.5, 50mm

During the shoot, Christine shared the love story of how she and Rubble became inseparable.

Back in 1998 (folks, that’s last century) Christine was on her way to Orange, NSW, to buy a car.  She never bought the car but instead stopped off in Penrith and came home with a tiny 8 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Clearly, this was not part of her plan.  Often, the best things in our lives are not planned.

His Dad was called Barney and so he was named Rubble.  He came from an “accidental” litter and was not the cutest of the bunch.  However, love does care about looks – that is for the ego to worry about. Christine and Rubble have been together ever since.  Sixteen years is a long time to have a dog as part of your family however, the bond of love is indestructible.

Apart from his regularly Vet checkups, Rubble has only ever spent 2 nights at the Vet in his entire life.  He is walked every day and goes with his mum when she rides her horses.  He lives with 2 other dogs, 2 horses, a cat and several chickens – all loved but I suspect Rubble is loved just a tiny bit more.  I think he may make it to 18 – it’s not unheard of for his breed.

Life throws all sorts of challenges at you.  People come and go, homes are bought and sold and it can be a bumpy ride at times.  Like many of us, Rubble and Christine have seen all of these things but they’ve seen them together.  She may have “saved” his life when she took him home but I suspect he’s saved hers many times over.  I bet I am not the only one to weep into my cat’s soft fur, seeking comfort, after a bad day.  Animals are one of our greatest healers and teachers.

Just before Rubble and Christine departed it seems there is some synchronicity going between us.  Apparently, she is good friends with a couple who live 2 doors from me.  The guy is a Carpenter.  He recently built my new Studio that I had just photographed Rubble in.  Six degrees of separation.

Thank you Rubble – you are gorgeous and an absolute dream to photograph.  Thank you Christine for making the decision to give yourself and your family a gift of the best images of Rubble you will ever have.  I hope you treasure them. Most of all, thank you for giving him a most wonderful life. 

As a Portrait Photographer, my core aim is to create beautiful portraits of people and pets that will capture and connect your loved ones for all time. You need to exist in photographs for your children, your loved ones and, ultimately, for you. Pets don’t care about photos but you do.  Whether your pet is just a youngster or is now in their twilight, let me  help you document their life with stunning images that will instantly connect you with your furry or feathered family member for the rest of your life. 

Let’s Talk.

Love and Light on this beautiful Friday

Jane Earle, Portrait Photographer

Perth Northern Beaches


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