Pet Photography Perth – Have you ever felt an old soul?

29 Sep 2021 Pet Photography

I’ve photographed some beautiful pets and people in my life.  I have strong memories of each one of them but sometimes a client turns up at my Studio who really is quite special. They pull on my heart strings and sometimes I can’t quite explain why.  It’s a feeling and a connection I have without knowing anything about them.

Beauty is not only about being visually attractive.  It’s deeper than that.  You “feel” beauty and it has nothing to do with being a cover girl. Beauty stirs and inspires you.  Pretty is fleeting. In Zeffirelli’s film,  Romeo and Julliet, we hear that  “a rose will bloom and then will fade, so does youth, so does the fairest maid”.  These words are not about true beauty.

We find it in all of nature like the fibonacci patterns on a shell or in the wisdom of an old woman’s eyes. It’s about connection too. Your eyes see it but your heart feels it more which is powerful stuff.  If I can capture that with my camera then I’ve done my job.

Recently, a dog arrived at my Studio with his very proud mum and dad.  He is an 11 year old Belgian Shepherd called Tanzi.  His parents received one of my Gift Vouchers for Christmas.  We got down to work and I created some beautiful portraits of him.

Whenever I photograph someone, I like to hear their story if they are willing to share it with me.  It’s the same for pets.  Some have lovely stories of being with their families from almost birth and some have followed a rocky road.  Some stories are downright heartbreaking but they all have good endings.

People bring their pets to me to photographed because they love them to the Moon and back. I see the good and responsible side of pet “ownership”.  My clients care deeply for their fur children.

Tanzi was about 7 or 8 when he found his forever home.  He was bred by a lovely and caring breeder called Tervailles Kennel, located in Kempsey, NSW.

His first home didn’t work out.  His parents parted and his “mum” couldn’t cope with Tanzi plus his 2 Rottweiler brothers and so she did the right thing and asked his breeder to take him back in.

Meanwhile, in Sydney, a lady called Christine was surfing the internet after her parent’s beloved dog, Jackson, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Christine’s parents love Belgian Shepherds as they had had them in their lives for 50 years.  They knew they couldn’t replace Jackson but they wanted to give his vacated space to another deserving dog and felt an older dog would be good, perhaps even one of the rare “grey” Belgian Shepards.

Bingo.  Christine found Tanzi through Tervallies.  He was the perfect match for her parents.

I can’t express adequately, except through my images, of how gorgeous and very, very beautiful this dog is.  His beauty goes far deeper than his regal appearance. His energy is calm and wise.  I felt like I was sitting next to a very wise individual.  As I picked up my camera and photographed him, I felt humbled and calm.  I have no idea why. I guess the world is a more mysterious place than we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

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Love and Light
Jane Earle
Portrait Photographer, Northern Beaches, Sydney