Portrait Photographer Perth – Roses? Chocolates? or a Gift that Connects the Heart?

by | Sep 29, 2021

Yes, I know, another Valentine’s Day blog… two in one week.  Go on, slap me but I thought you’d like to know who St Valentine was and that February the 14th is not just for lovers.  It’s for all living beings.

St Valentine was a real person; a 3rd century Roman Saint.  He was originally a priest who secretly married couples so the husbands did not have to go to war. The Emperor Claudius was annoyed by this as he was busy gathering troops to fight wars. So, poor Mr Valentine was executed, martyred and buried north of Rome on February the 14th – an awfully long time ago.  I think all the calendars have had an alteration since then but you get the general idea. 

During the Middle Ages, people believed that birds paired couples in mid February.  This then became associated with the romance of St Valentine.  Clearly these legends differ in ways but Valentine’s Day is still widely recognised as a day for romance and devotion.

We associate February 14th with as a special day for lovers only.  But really, it celebrates love in general.  Love for your partner, love for your parents, love for your child, love for your dog or cat.  Remember that love does not judge and knows no discrimination.  It has no boundaries nor limitations.  Therefore, St Valentine’s day is for all living beings as we all give and recieve love.  Love is the strongest bond in the Universe and this bond cannot be broken – even by death.  I once read somewhere that love is “God’s Glue”.

So, how will you comemmorate St Valentine’s Day 2015?  We don’t usually remember each one. Often we go to packed restaurants and eat from a set menu and then us ladies receive a rose in plastic tube.  I do remember mine distinctly from 2012.  It was a leap year.  Tradition says women can ask men to marry them on St Valentine’s Day that occurs in a leap year or on the 29th of February.  I asked my husband to marry me.  I remember it very well.  We immediately phoned his mother tell her our news and we quickly married as she only had a few months to live. We treasure her photos from our Wedding.

So, get serious about your Valentine’s Gift.  Make it about something that really matters and not just a set menu in a restaurant.  Ask your partner to stay with you forever, decide to have a baby or adopt a pet… it doesn’t matter,  just make it count and if you celebrate it with a professional photoshoot you preserve the memories forever.   We don’t remember words but we instantly connect to our emotions when we see a photograph.

A photoshoot for you and your loved one/s is a fabulous way to celebrate.  Bring your pets too as they matter also.  Let’s do a sunset or sunrise beach shoot with all of you.  Maybe you just want to give amazing beauty portraits to you partner and children – forget the “I’m not photogenic”, think of how much your loved ones will treasure your images – but do it for you too.

Love is all embracing.  Every living thing needs it and gives it.  It’s eternal.  

Let Jane Earle Photography capture you for all time.  

Gift Vouchers, Canvas’ and gorgeous heirloom presentation boxes available (pictured above) plus other options.

Love and Light

Jane Earle Photography

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