If you are a registered Animal Rescue Organisation in Perth, I can help you with creating professional, superstar images of your homeless pets. I have worked with many rescues over the years, both in Sydney and now here in Perth.

My services for Animal Rescue photography are voluntary, however, my time is limited to weekends only.  Based in Ocean Reef 6027,  I have a safe, quiet room in my house to photograph both cats and small dogs. I use hand-painted backdrops, professional lighting, mixed with lots of patience!  For larger dogs, we will move outside or to a nearby leafy park. They can be kept on a lead for safety. Leads are magically removed from the images in Photoshop.  Note I am unable to travel further afield as I do not drive.

Over the years, my photos have been one of the many stepping stones that have connected rescue animals with their new families.  The loving families they all deserved from the day they were born. 

Want to know more? Connect either by phone/text 04345 49372 or email at janeearlephotography@gmail.com  

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