06 Mar 2023 Dog Photography


Defunct Technology

One of the most precious things I own is a leather bound family photograph album given to my great, great grandmother,  inscribed by her brother in 1884.  As the custodian of this precious collection,  I show it off  to my friends – it’s not forgotten about.

We now have more photographs of our family, friends and pets than we have ever done.  To access the photos, we just whip out the phone, plug in the USB or log onto our social media account.  Easy!   However, herein lies the problem as one day your phone will die or your computer’s hard drive will crash. You will have lost your photos forever.  In years to come, your family will come looking for your images and will not be able to access any. Just like the old floppy discs and DVDs, our phones, computers and USBs will be defunct technology. All those photos and memories  – gone.  If only you had printed them.

I must get 2 phone calls a week asking for the “digitals… I only want the digitals…”

If you really are just after the digitals only, then I offer digital bundles but please print them. If you do not print them, you will never look at them.  I offer guidance to my clients on how to print their wall art if they purchase “the digitals only” .


Fine Art for your Home

A wall art portrait of your pet is not just an arty talking point in your home, it’s a daily reminder of the love you share, even after many decades have past.  Nothing breaks the bond of love – least of all, “time”.




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