Amongst my most treasured possessions are photographs of those I love. Photos of pets, from my childhood to the present day, are featured in my home just so I will never, ever forget their precious light. Images of grandparents I last saw over 35 years ago and of course my Dad. Their photos connect us all again once more. Faded photos in a 175 year old family photograph album connect me to the ancestors I never met but I see myself in them. I hope you pass your photographs down to your descendants – perhaps they too will also one day see themselves in you.

My photographic style is simple and classic, heavily influenced by historical paintings. Your beloved animal companion will be photographed in my air conditioned home studio on a hand painted backdrop with little to no props as the focus is on them. My aim is to create, for you, a unique timeless work of art with an “Old Masters” feel that expresses the true essense of your companion. Hang your pet’s portraits in your home for everyone to admire or keep the images private. The choice is yours.

The most important thing to me is that your pet will exist in beautiful portraits so you can connect with them for the rest of your life.  Photographs never forget.

Based on Perth’s northern beaches, I successfully completed the strict membership process of the former AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) in 2016. As an AIPP Accredited Member, I earned the title of Professional Photographer.


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