29 Sep 2021 Cat Photography

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

I love this quote by author, Robert A. Heinlein

I love photographing cats and I’ve been doing it for most of my life.  However, cats aren’t the most co-operative subjects to put in front of your camera.  Watch the short slideshow (inc some bloopers) of the photoshoot and read to the end to get my my 5 best tips to creating better images of your cat.

When Pebbles and Gilbert arrived at my studio last Friday, a thunderstorm was about to hit Perth.  These 5 month old kittens went straight into exploring mode and it was my job to get them to relax and connect with me.  Luckily, I speak Cat.

If you find it difficult to get gorgeous photos of your cat then check out my 5 top tips:
  1. Check the background, if there is lots of clutter then remove it.
  2. Be patient.  If you cat is stressed then you need to wait until they are more relaxed to get good shots.  Remember, cats have short attention spans.
  3. Use a favourite toy to entice.  Cats often don’t respond to sounds like dogs do as they are more visual so stick to their favourite toy to create energy.
  4. Use a trail of treats to entice them to an area where you’d like to photograph them – If you pick a cat up and place them where you want them, they will inevitably move.  It must be on their terms.
  5. Finally, have your light and camera settings already worked out – you can then concentrate on taking the photograph… and you need to be quick.
Your pet, like Pebbles and Gilbert, maybe just a youngster or perhaps they are now in their twilight.  It doesn’t matter.  Photographs are a return ticket to a moment in time that’s otherwise gone forever.

Contact us to discuss capturing your little lion in a bespoke fine art portrait.  We also have gift vouchers for those who love their pet more than they love you.

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