World Dog Day - How Much Do You Love Yours?

I don't even have to ask you how much you love your dog.   I know you do.

So, the 26th of August each year belongs to them - for the dog you have now, for all those you've ever loved and for all those you are yet to meet.

Let's celebrate their companionship, their loyalty and their unconditional love for us.  

"You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I'll tell you, they'll be there long before us" - Robert Louis Stevenson

Love and Light

Jane Earle 

Pet Photographer, Ocean Reef, Perth



Remarkable Rescue of Ricky - Can you Adopt Him?

Sydney Animal Second Chance Rescue Inc (SAS) contacted me a couple of days ago to ask me to photograph Ricky who is about 7 years old.

Sadly, Ricky was dumped in bushland in Sydney's west and was left to fend for himself for 2 months.  No one could catch him.  Eventually, someone eventually did and he was cold and very, very thin and very frightened.

Vet care and love made him all better. 

Ricky - now fit, healthy and happy

Ricky - now fit, healthy and happy

I do alot of pet photography for clients and when the opportunity arises I am very happy to photograph rescue animals at my Studio who require adoption.  The thing that struck me about Ricky was that he is in remarkable condition for a dog who had been living rough for 2 months.  He's calm but active and very friendly.

Can you adopt him?  If you're interested, please call Sydney Animal Second Chance Rescue Inc on 0416 083 571.  Check out SAS on Facebook and give them a "like" - they do a wonderful job for these unwanted animals.

I promise to love you to the moon and back

I promise to love you to the moon and back

If you would like Jane Earle Photography to photograph your furbaby, then we'd love to talk to you

Love and Light



Perth Pet Photography - Yvette's Pet Grooming

So, I received the heart breaker phone call.  It's the one every Pet Photographer listens to with a heavy heart but also embraces as it's what makes our work so important.

Yvette Capiron is a Pet Groomer who owns Yvette's Pet Grooming, located in Sydney's beautiful Avalon Beach.  She loves her dog Guinness to the moon and back, of which there is no doubt. The heartbreaking bit is that he's at the end of his earthly life.  

Yvette wanted Guinness professionally photographed and it needed to be done sooner, rather than later.  So, I photographed him with his little friend Harry.  I also persuaded her to have a few shots with Guinness.  I understand that her future self will thank her for it.

We made a slideshow and created some beautiful memories of Guinness.

Yvette holds a deep connection to her pets and indeed animals in general including those of her clients.  If I was searching for a pet groomer, then I would choose Yvette's Pet Grooming.  Her love, connection and understanding of animals is very strong - very down to earth. She even visited my studio with Guinness and Harry first to make sure they were comfortable there before booking me.  I loved that.  It is exactly what I would do too.

So, as I type this, Guinness is still with us but I know the inevitable will happen.  I'm glad Yvette chose me to photograph her precious dogs, and to be the one who created the images that will connect her to Guinness for the rest of her life.  It's the real reason why I'm a Photographer.

You can contact Yvette Capiron to find out more information on her pet grooming services on 9918 7637 or visit her website to make a booking.

Contact Jane Earle Photography to capture your pet for all time - that way, you will never, ever forget their precious love and light.


Jane Earle

Perth Pet Photographer





Pet Photography Perth

Pets are often our closest of companions.  They don't judge us or fail to love us any less because of something we've said or done.  Your pet can sense your energy - for example they know when you're upset.  They'll sense it and often sit by your side.   

Here' a short slideshow with some pets I first photographed in 1983 with my first camera and much more recent ones too.  I look at those old images today and immediately remember their personalities. 

Let Jane Earle Photography capture your pet in beautiful images so that you can connect with them for the rest of your life.

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Give this Dog a Home

I've photographed animals all my life - they were the first subject matter I practised on with my trusty film camera aged 15.  It's not surprising that they are still one of my favourite subjects considering that I have a strong energetic connection with all animals and not just pets.

So, I feel I need to give back to these amazing creatures and I do that by photographing pets that need homes.  Good photographs with connection are essential these days to rehoming animals quickly.  In fact, most Professional Pet Photographers will do this out of pure love.

Milly is a Cattle Dog.  She is young, sweet and very friendly.  She needs a loving home to call her own.


I don't know much about Milly except that she was rescued by Sydney Animal Second Chance Inc after being in Campbeltown Pound for 6 weeks.  She is roughly about a year old.  Pets end up in Pounds for a few reasons.  They are either lost with no microchip/tag or people surrender them often for reasons that you and I would find unacceptable.

Our Sydney Pounds and Rescue Centres are stretched to the max.  Euthanasia is often the sad end to vibrant pet's life, simply because there are not enough homes available.

We don't know why Milly ended up in the Pound but I believe her life before SAS rescued her was not a great one.  However, despite this, she is still a happy and friendly dog with lots of love inside her.  She'll make your heart sing and your family whole.

If you could share this blog post so that others can see the incredible light that shines from within Milly and help find her someone who will love her as much as she'll love them.

Call Sydney Animal Second Chance on 0416 083 571

Thank you

Jane Earle

0434 549 372