Pet Portraits – watch the video – find out why they are important

29 Sep 2021 Uncategorised

Let’s face it.  We love our pets, they are part of our family.  They come and go during our longer live spans but we remember them all.  The trouble is, memories fade as the years go by.  Your adult dog or cat is now grown up.  What did they really look like as a youngster?  Do you only have distant iPhone “snaps” of them that lack the real connection you have with your beloved pet?

When I photograph your pet, I aim to capture their beauty, personality and unique soul.

During our comparatively long life span, our pets come in and out of our lives so quickly.  Having beautiful images of your pet means that your memory of them will never fade and will remind you of the eternal bond of love you both share.

Whether your pet is just a youngster or is now in their twilight, let me  help you document their life with  stunning images that will instantly connect you with your furry or feathered family member for the rest of your life.

One life.  Capture it. Remember it.

Watch the short video.  You’ll then know why great images of your pet are important to you.

Love and Light

Jane Earle – Portrait Photographer